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Warning to Home Buyers

home buyers


Attached was the closing statement. According to the home buyers, “the numbers looked right.” Also attached were the wiring instructions. As you might guess, the wiring instructions were not to the title company’s bank account they were to an account, Bank of America, that the scammers controlled.

The unsuspecting couple wired the money (a good chunk of their retirement) and a day later went to the title company to finish signing the documents. It was quickly determined that the funds never made it to the title company. By the time they figured everything out, the money was pulled out of the scammers Bank of America account and moved to an overseas account.

There are a lot of ways to avoid this scam, but there’s one surefire way. If the title company requires you to wire the funds, call them and verbally verify everything. The ability of scammers to send the perfect email at the perfect time makes it nearly impossible to determine the difference between legitimate instructions and faked instructions.

I hope this helps.

Source: KARE11

Published Date 5/5/2017

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